(A poem) His wine is not suitable for every mind, his ring is not subject to every ear.


Atlas Peydayesh Institute

We are greatly honored to introduce our courses on Biology of Life and Familiarity with Classical Homeopathy, a system of alternative medicine, to Iranian society.  

The human being, well-being and disease are no strange terms; they have, in fact, existed all through human life. They may not have been clearly defined to date, yet have created various systems of medicine worldwide.

Old materialistic views on human being have themselves cast a shadow on the comprehensive understanding of the very essence of human existence.  

As the Newtonian physics foundations were shaken by the introduction of modern physics, the conventional medicine, based on those very shaky foundations, were found to have established some utterly false principles, as a result of which we are now living with diseases we have never been able to set free from and achieve well-being ultimately.

Contrary to popular belief, even in the First World countries, we are witnessing more lethal, complex and serious diseases, which will be continued as long as the very old false scientific beliefs and principles persist.

Homeopathy dates back 2000 years, but was formally established around 230 years ago. Now two centuries on, not only has it not been disrupted, but its principles have been proved to be in line with the latest physics theories based on the most recent scientific research.

 So, there exists only ONE disease in any human being, which is already present in different parts of the body in many forms and manifests itself through various ways.

 One single remedy would then suffice for treatment

 Let’s bear in mind that one’s wholeness is not simply limited to their material and physical dimensions.

It also includes their thoughts, behaviors and feelings.


(A poem) The secret is partner with none but the knower of the secret, in the sceptic's ear the secret is no secret (at all).