Report of World Health Organization(WHO)

According to this report, the Homeopathic Medicine has been identified and applied in whole of Europe, Asia and North America since the middle of nineteenth century. Nowadays, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed the medicines of homeopathy. Moreover, in some countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Greece, Spain, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Pakistan and etc., there are hospitals and official pharmacies of homeopathy which cover millions of people worldwide. Even, there are universities of homeopathy in the said countries which train homeopath within 3-4 year courses. Meanwhile, in countries such as United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, India and Sri Lanka, the homeopathic treatment services are covered by insurance.

The aim of this course is to increase your knowledge and awareness merely which is a part of this medicine knowledge and in the case of more interests in this field, there is need to pass the complementary courses, participation in seminars and free studies.

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