Asar Workshop (The Effect)

In His Name


From your professional point of view, Asar workshop involves solely doing a job; however, it will have you develop wholly new employment, income, expertise and experience concepts.


No matter the identity, we simply work either as an employee or employer; it is extremely difficult to perceive what our future career prospects are like. And let’s bear in mind expertise alone would not suffice!


Regardless of its type, we first need to have an interest in working broadly, so we can create work according to our values, and draw a stimulating career path as the longest-term plan of our life.


Lighthouse is such a clear and obvious sign for a captain to make sure the ship is still floating and sailing on its way.


There are ships of various sizes in oceans of capitals, yet they are still disoriented, struggling to navigate their way. Devote a good deal of time to your work overall, but a little would suffice for doing it simply.


Generate your own values, and get to know your colleagues, opponents, neutrals, rivals, competitors and supporters.


Fariba Rahimi