Obur Workshop (The Passing)

In His Name


Once we learn how to live, life will begin to emerge.


The tale of human life is such an old one; there have been moments in our life we have experienced painful events. For moments, on our obstructed and tortuous path, we still remember the very nature of life.


Perhaps before anything, living in the universe and perceiving the course of events in its surroundings demand an ability to observe, which, when achieved, we can become aware of our life history and discover our very existence.   


Living with tremendous diversity makes one unable to choose. Living in confusion, a false sense of security and numerous doubts, we keep wasting our life, ending up enduring it in just a survival rather than living it to the fullest.


We usually achieve success, and frantically race to win, but do not necessarily grow.


The mere living on the course of life is the very presence and learning, while the path ahead is completely invisible.


How is our life going on?




How it is not



All the words and punctuation marks in the text above have been consciously chosen; study closely, please.


Fariba Rahimi