The Alphabet of Life


In this institution, with attending and practical participation in living-skills workshops, you will acquire a distinctive sight in relation to life and the world around you that is a very simple yet practical tool for founding of what you are after in real life.

Maybe getting a bit closer to your self, opens a broader outlook for you.


This workshop takes place in 4 days (Thursdays and Fridays).


Ab (means Water in Persian Language)


Alphabet of Life

Maybe a look into the state of our life opens a novel stance in front of us.

This workshop is contemplation into life.

Dear guest, please do not squander your precious time by reading this website.

Entering this home may be little difficult.

Anyway, here is the station of life.

In your life, are you still obstructed or are you constructed? (Still a looser or are you living?)

Do you know the essence and scent of living?

Do you live your life?