Asar Workshop
شماره : 4245

Initials: Q.R.N

Age: 22

Occupation: --


Even though I haven’t chosen any job and don’t have one now, I’m so grateful to dear Fariba and for the course as well. This is because I feel pleasant episodes have occurred to me myself, my thoughts and inner peace. Also, I have come to realize that apart from being highly effective in career fields, the course has also affected my life and my family as I have managed to find out to take the right path when it comes to career fields, not to mention being able to identify my values.

I hope I can invite my dears to this course.

Thanks for your efforts.

شماره : 4255

Initials: M.Q 

Age: 57

Occupation: Physician

Although I had once participated in this workshop before, I didn’t believe I would be affected to such a deep extent, as well as being able to think such clearly. It made a kind of whirlwind in my mind and took away many things so that I can live more smoothly and see more clearly now. I do know that I want to participate in the Asar workshop from now on.

Thanks to Fariba who is a great coach with an exemplary character


شماره : 4266

Initials: N.S.K

Age: 45

Occupation: Housewife

My achievement of this Asar workshop was becoming more self-aware, and being able to influence my kids more at home. I hope I can continue on the path to awareness and have others take it as well. I’m grateful to dear Fariba and my darling spouse for accepting that I continue on this path, and also for supporting me and my daughter in keeping on it. Thank God these episodes have happened in my life and I hope they will continue happening.

شماره : 4267

Initials: N.A

Age: 30

Occupation: Product manager

Hello dear Fariba

All through the years since my graduation and employment, I’ve felt the absence of an element in my job and even in my life, for which I couldn’t find any name. In fact, I wasn’t able to define it. However, today, by passing the Asar and getting familiar with the definition of “values” and “the whys and the wherefores” for doing a particular job, I seem to have gained what I needed in this stage of my life thanks to you and this workshop. I’m so grateful to you for standing by your values and being persistent

I’m always grateful to the person who invited me to the workshop



شماره : 4256


Initials: M. J 

Age: 40

Occupation: Physician

Thank God for getting acquainted with you and these courses 

After the Obur, many changes were made in my life. Over the past week since the beginning of the Asar course, my attitude to working has changed. Many of my values were just a duty and now I am looking for the real values. I feel the footprint of Asar in my work. When I encounter my clients, I talk very cautiously. Of course, I feel that I still haven’t done much, and I’m making a lot of effort to be effective in this world and in the universe 

"Thank you very much, Fariba"


شماره : 4246

Initials: F.N

Age: 47

Occupation: Employed at Atlas Peydayesh Cultural Institute

The Asar workshop is a masterwork whose message, I think, is serving others, and earning money is just an excuse for the sake of giving life meaning in its all dimensions.

My achievement of attending the Asar workshop:

I realized that if I stand by my values, I can persist and enjoy working even in critical situations.

I’m always grateful to you.


شماره : 4247

Initials: F.A.A

Age: 58

Occupation: Housewife

I came up with some new ideas attending this workshop, and I feel great now. I am grateful to dear Fariba.

However, I was given an exercise in the Obur, the Life Skills Workshop, which I failed to do completely; I just need to do it to see its impacts, which requires more time.

I have enrolled for the Homeopathy to reap more benefits, hopefully.

I’m thankful to Fariba and all those supporting us throughout this course.

شماره : 4257

Initials: M.S

Age: 37

Occupation: Employee

The Asar

I don’t know how destructive and negative effects I’ve left behind until now. Now that I’m looking more, I realize I've left too many devastating impacts, either on myself and others or on the universe

I wonder if I can offset the previous effects, which seems impossible; this is so painful. I have to act more consciously because the effects that I want to leave must be in parallel and conformity with my values.  Personal growth is hard yet pleasant; Life is beautiful. Growth is beautiful yet hard and painful  

Thanks for your presence

شماره : 4268

Initials: H.H

Age: 37

Occupation: Employee

I’ve got lots of thanksgiving to make; lots and lots

Thank God for your existence, your decent existence

Thank God I know the path to this house and the fact I’m already taking it

Thank God I got acquainted with you and this land on the path to this house

I’m grateful for being concerned about us more than we are about ourselves

Thanks for being committed to us more than we are to ourselves

Wish you and your dear family health

:My achievement 

 As if I’ve got my eyes opened to this world and managed to see other people 

And I realized, other than me, there are other people living in this world 

شماره : 4269

Initials: Y.B.

Age: 31

Occupation: Producer (Finishing workshop) Before anything, I should say I barely hank someone.I’m really grateful to you, I mean from the bottom of my heart. Having noticed the change made in my family, I was persuaded to attend the workshop. Up until the workshop, it was such a terrible condition that I didn’t dare to leave home, and actually I hated to come home. However, the story was different after the course. I ought to share something about myself: I was also changed, and started to feel calm. Contrary to my calm and peaceful appearance, I used to be devastated deep inside before the workshop. I would fight with myself, though I got much better afterwards, to such an extent that others could notice.


شماره : 4258

Initials: M. R. S

Age: 54

Job: Retired-Employee

Hello dear Fariba

Life once again gave me the opportunity to experience awareness by you. Given that I once passed this workshop, but it seems to have opened a new door of awareness and effectiveness for me, which was very hard yet thrilling for me

I pray to God for you and your respectful family health, fulfillment and vigor

شماره : 4248

Initials: M.M.N

Age: 51

Occupation: Housewife 

Hello Dear Fariba

I pray to God for your success as you do feel the concern for others’ success.

I hope I can put what I have learned into practice, and invite many to this course.


شماره : 4249

Initials: M.D

Age: 31

Occupation: Westel chairman of the board

Whenever I attended this course, my attitude to the surrounding environment was fundamentally changed, turning the fact of working from a boring matter into a seeking one 

My achievement of this course was the change in my attitude towards my job, overcoming my fear of working and its environment as well as organizing my career interactions   

شماره : 4259

Initials: M.D

Age: 32

Occupation: Chairman of the board

Dear Fariba 

The Asar was beyond what I had thought. It was the way of life after the Obour. As if in Obour we built the ship of life and launched it to the sea by the Asar. I will try my best to make the most of my lessons


شماره : 4270

Initials: B.B.A



Dear coach, I’m grateful for your professional coaching, and your transparent presence, which is great to me  

Once again, I should express my appreciation for showing us more and more to ourselves just like a full-length mirror 

My achievements of the workshop: promoting transparency in the job I’m doing, more and more awareness of myself as well as that of my relations with others and myself, getting reconciled with myself, and above all, (probably)apart from all the challenges I have in my job and my personal life, I felt great in this workshop


شماره : 4260

Initials: K. K 

Age: 35

Occupation: Electrical designing expert

After about 9 years of so-called working and performing tasks, which I previously considered to be my value, now I hear my being carved in the hope that, by practicing these pressures, I will find the transparency of my inner diamond under the unwanted   

I appreciate every single moment that I am in contact with you and the courses, and I feel that the year 96 will be a turning-point in my life, and I hope to inquire on my path to growth and awareness over the rest of my life 

As a great man says, “Man is not born only when they are born out of their mothers’ womb in their life, but life forces them to be born frequently, too, and I could find such an experience in these courses 

شماره : 4250

Initials: F.S.K

Age: 23

Occupation: Arts Coach at Solale Child Center

-I learned to give my life meaning by moving forward 

-I learned from you not to blame others, but rather consider myself to have been at the center of the problem and my own lack of planning  

-I learned from you not to consider my individuality solely, but rather consider myself responsible for others 

-I learned from you to work beyond my responsibilities 

I am grateful to you 

شماره : 4251

Initials: A. S 

Age: 63

Occupation: Kids’ clothing production and sales


While I’d like to express my appreciation to all the companions and authorities at Atlas Peydayesh Institute, I must say this Asar course was highly useful and has brought me special peace in this situation; by applying even one of the items taught to my job, it has proved to be very useful in my job, resurrecting persistence for me 



شماره : 4261

Initials: S.R.H.N

Age: 30

Work: Studio expert

I participated in the Asar workshop for the second time and I saw my difference over the past year. Today, my view on life may have become broader. I know I have a long way to go. The Asar is the entire life for me: from morning greetings to thanksgiving prayers before bedtime; the value of every breath I take. Now I'm feeling great, which I appreciate because of you. And today once again I came to believe in man’s ability 

Fariba, I appreciate the effect that you have in every moment of my life 

Thank God

February 23, 2018

شماره : 4262

Initials: A. A

Age: 40

Occupation: Legal representative of National Iranian Gas Company

Hello dear Fariba :

About the experiences that I gained from the "Asar" course, I can dare say it is often impossible to do it justice and express gratitude for obtaining consciousness about the issues we were dealing with every day but not paying any attention to; the least we can do is in writingActually, the Asar" is maybe partly related to the job, but the content presented by you, the dear coach, could be used in other aspects of life

Thank you


شماره : 4252

Initials: A. M 

Age: 33

Occupation: Mobile services

Dear Fariba, I'm appreciative and grateful, and wish you a healthy long life 

My achievement: seeking – asking the whys and wherefores in the job – considering the values throughout life – paying more attention to others and people around 

شماره : 4265

Initials: S.A.H

Age: 29

Occupation: Designer

Years ago, I used to think that a typical life would mean waking up in the morning and getting to work to earn money, and after that the personal life; this cannot be the purpose of creation; there must be a distinctive aspect between us the humans. But I didn’t know “how” this would be possible; in fact, I wasn’t acquainted with the ABC of that lifestyle at all! Thanks a lot Fariba for making us get out of a rut devoid of any content and leading us to a sublime life. 

شماره : 4253

Initials: F. KH 

Age: 35

Job: “Legitimate” hairstylist

I feel like working, that is working productively 

I have always loved your classes and followed the path of awareness you provided us with, even the times when I was away from the courses 

It’s been 13 years that I haven’t liked anyone as much as you because no one has been anywhere near effective as you; this feeling will always stay with me 

I'm appreciative of your admitting me 

شماره : 4263

Initials: P. A. N

Age: 29

Occupation: confectioner

Hi dear Fariba

I'm very happy to have released from a dilemma which I've been caught in for many years, and eventually I made a choice and stood by it. I promised to myself not to be a rolling stone anymore and not chicken out when a small problem comes up. I have some values for my job, which I have stuck to, and I think that this time I can make it 

I'm always so grateful to you 

Thanks for talking to me with patience 

I love you so much 

شماره : 4254

No: A. A

Age: 31

Occupation: Architect

Before the Asar workshop, I was very chaotic and confused about my job 

Now I am even more chaotic and confused, but I am enjoying it without getting irritated. I'm sure that this chaos will help me in the future since my attitude to working and my position ,and the fact that who I want to be or what I am is so valuable to me that has made my attention focused on these issues 

My achievement: I realized I know nothing about my job 

I am thankful to you, my coach, for creating such awareness for me