Classical Homeopathy
شماره : 4721

Initials: A.S

In his name

I’d already studied different subjects and fields by this course, but none of them could answer my fundamental questions about life tangibly and clearly; the whole idea was so obscure to me hence I couldn’t draw a conclusion about life, death, determinism and freewill, health, illness and the reasons behind them. Actually, I didn’t know myself. This workshop did revolutionize my attitude to EVERYTHING and made them more beautiful. It helped me to be connected  and reconciled with the world and myself, and it introduced me to some documented and systematic approaches for my well-being and that of my family, which I’d never thought of their existence, and their effects in my life have astonished me

My personal experience was so amazing about finding a possibility to participate in this workshop in spite of all the obstacles such as financial problems, lack of time, having a baby and all the issues related to taking care of my baby, having two inconvenient jobs and so forth.

Seeking really pays of and creativity uncovers new ways and possibilities; it is just the matter of .choosing

I am deeply grateful to all the people involved in holding this workshop for sticking by the health of society, and I always owe the peace of my life to your efforts


شماره : 4722

Initials: M. SH

Many thanks to the committed team of teachers of this course: dear Dr. Naseri, Saba Hosseinian and Tayebe Dehghan for all their efforts, compassion and commitment they showed to transfer this kind of knowledge and awareness. About this course, one more time I can say with confidence there are too many things in the world that I didn't know I was not aware of. It includes this kind of knowledge and awareness that was presented and performed in this from this point of view, which consists of both physics and mathematics as well as some up-to-date knowledge introduced by a great scientist and also the homeopathy knowledge introduced by teachers who have made great efforts to transfer this science all through these years, either the efforts for their own learning or the ones for transferring it

Though I have a beautiful feeling as, once more, I’ve been familiarized with a new world that is very effective in my life, peace and health

I wish health, happiness and determination for all those working hard in this field.

Thanks for everything

شماره : 4723

Initials: A. F

Probably I can say with confidence that it has been the most effective course I have been honored to participate in since the beginning of my life. I am feeling some rare tranquility in the depth of my being, for which I'm grateful to every single person involved in holding the course. As if I'm just beginning to understand some pieces of the past courses of the institute I’d attended, and I can now feel life with a distinct quality

شماره : 4724

Initials: M.M

Hello to anyone involved and active in Atlas Peydayesh. Could my words ever express thanks deserving all this awareness about wellbeing and survival of the human society given to participants whose attendance is not at random? And in fact, they are not aware of what’s happened to their life already. I am extremely thankful and I don’t see my experience of this course limited only to getting familiar to this course and becoming aware of some issues and concepts ; on the contrary, I will be living a life dedicated to promoting not only the wellbeing of my fellow beings but also that of all creatures. Thank God for making this great thing happen in my life. From now on, I will be living more peacefully and intelligibly; just hope to live more healthily