Teenagers Seminar
شماره : 4725

Initials: P.H.A.M


My dear, I’m so happy to have met a lady with such a personable character like you. Thanks for letting me express my feelings publicly and getting it off my chest.

I want to continue up to the end with you.

I am REALLY grateful to you.

Please thank dear N. too.

Thanks again

I hope that this workshop will be held evermore.




شماره : 4517

Initials: L. J.

I am really grateful to my cousin (Sh. H.) who introduced and recommended this seminar to me; I am very happy to have spent 7 hours in this seminar and the fact that my thoughts changed a lot, and I am going to choose correct paths in my life from now on.

Dear Fariba, now I am full of great motivations and energy which I received from your positive energy.

From now on, I will be trying to stay in contact with the institute to take part in other seminars. I am also very very happy to have met you.

شماره : 4518

 Initials: Z. D.

Thank you, dear Fariba, dear N., dear B., and dear F. for putting many efforts into our adolescence.

And I love you as much as the colorful sky.

Thank you for helping me to learn everything.


شماره : 4717

Initials: M.R.

In his name

Hello my dear teacher

I am really grateful to you for making me aware of life.

And I am grateful to God for giving me some jewelry like you.

I want to thank my aunt (T. D.) who guided me.

My mother and I are grateful to God to have participated in your courses.


شماره : 4519

Initials: A. H. H.

Hello dear Fariba; I was considerably transformed in this workshop and now I do feel responsibility.  This class was good indeed. I'm really satisfied. Thank you

شماره : 4720

Initials: Z. GH.

Today was better than any other day.

I’m really thankful to dear Fariba. Maybe she is the same age as my mother but she understands the feelings of adolescents. Thank you very much!

If I were ever asked, “When is the best day of your life?” I would say the time I spent with Farbia and my peers. Again thanks a lot, dear Fariba and anyone contributing to the seminar being held.

Z. GH.