Youth Seminar
شماره : 4514

Initials: F. Q.

Hello, I’m thankful. It is really hard and hurtful. It hurts to find out that a series of things were easy, but I took them too hard for myself and my family. I am happy that I became more aware. This realization has been too heavy and painful for me that it is coming out of my eyes through tears. I tried too much to put my hand up to speak but I couldn’t and now I just regret it.

It is hard to be far from your parents for 21 years and to make a lot of problems for yourself just because of this and get stuck into this situation, and sometimes unable to wrap it up. I hope to achieve peace; the peace that I have not had from my early adolescence; struggled to achieve and suffered but persisted stubbornly out of my pride.

I was very arrogant for my family and I don't want it this way anymore. I want to kiss my father's hands. I want to hug him and cry and empty myself for 21 years of living in imaginary presence of my father without having him in actual fact.

I am sorry for myself. I am grateful to all of you and to dear Fariba, and my reference: Ms. K. V. A.N

شماره : 4515

Initials: M. A.

Hello dear Fariba

Thank you for familiarizing me with the world and the people around me.

No one had ever talked to me like that. My family sees me as a serious kind of person, but you taught me to love my family members.

Thank you indeed for making me more familiar with my peers and making me aware that other than me, there are others who have the right to comment.

Thank you so much and I wish you to be always healthy and continuing your job

شماره : 4714

.Initials: A.Sh

Hello Fariba

.It is said that even if you learn just a single point from a meeting, it's enough

What I realized about myself was that “I pretend to accept the responsibility for anything”. I realized that I was stuck in past events; and what prevented me from making progress was my inner conflict. Thank you for making me aware of this. I wish I had participated in this workshop four years ago, so it would have helped me to know all these points sooner and before learning them the hard way during the past four years

.I will certainly participate in the workshops, particularly the Obur and Homeopathy

Thank you again


شماره : 4516

Initials: P. R

Thank you Fariba for making me aware of my confusion and the fact that I'm living so blindly without having any plans and thoughts. This seminar has changed many things in the future like my choices and the type of behavior in my life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this seminar.